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It is of the utmost importance that we understand the 3 vital factors for successful germination
1. Moisture
2. Warmth
3. Darkness


The cleanest most pure water possible is the best foundation to begin the life of your new plant. Be sure to steer clear of most municipal water sources which may contain uncertain amounts of chlorine and other superfluous chemicals. Bottled spring or distilled water, without additives or carbonation, is usually a good source of water for germination. For cultivators in rural areas, try to steer clear of well or spring water which may contain harmful parasites and/or pathogens that may present an opportunity for infection and stunted growth.



Fill a labeled transparent glass with clean water that is between 19-24 degrees C . Drop seeds into the water. The seeds should be left to soak in a dark warm place (19 - 24 degrees C). A kitchen cupboard is usually suitable. Check the seeds about every 12 hours. Tap down the seeds that are floating with your fingertips, don't worry if they continue to float.

Usually within 48 hours the seeds swell and split their outer seed casings. DO NOT continue soaking after the white, initial roots are visible at the crack in the seed casings. The seeds are now ready to plant at this point. Soaking the seeds until the roots are exposed can result in stressful, early root damage. Do not let your seeds soak for more than 72 hours- this restricts the vital air exchange needed for maximum germination results. After 72 hours, transfer your seeds to wet paper towels (SEE GERMINATING IN PAPER TOWELS).


Dampen two layers of paper towels with distilled water that is between 19-24 degrees C. Place the cannabis seeds between the two layers and check every 12 hours to maintain proper dampness. The paper towels should be wet but without visible standing water. In approximately 24-78 hours the seeds will probably have begun to germinate. Once tails are 6mm or longer, seeds are ready to plant. Be sure to maintain proper ambient temperatures for warmth.


Germinating directly in soil is a very frequently-used old school technique. This is often referred to as the preferred method among pro's due to the seed and its roots not being handled so much. It has been observed that excess handling can damage the micro-roots which leaves opportunity for infections and loss of vigor. For this method, it's imperative that you use top-quality soil formulated for seedlings.

Plant your seeds no more than 2 seeds deep and lightly cover the hole with other soil. Do not compact your soil. The soil must be lightweight, in order to allow the plant to sprout easily. Young roots often have a difficult time penetrating solid soil, which in turn slows the plant's growth thus diminishing vigor. The cannabis seeds should germinate below ground and sprout after 4-10 days. With this method too it's important to place them in a damp and ventilated environment, at the right temperature.

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