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Our Super Soil Recipe

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Our Super Soil Recipe 

We get asked on almost a daily basis, so we figured it was worth posting it here. The recipe we use is basically a modified version of subcools recipe so we can't really take credit for it. This recipe makes approx. 100 Gallons so it should be relatively easy to scale for your use. 


Pro Mix 112L Premium Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix

3 x 112L cubic ft bales of high-quality organic potting soil

We use Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix 


Organic Bone Meal (3-15-0), 5 lbs

A wonderful source of phosphorus and calcium for flowering plants, trees and ornamentals, Bone Meal is recognized as the ideal organic fertilizer when planting bulbs to promote strong root development and enhance early season growth. One of the indispensable soil amendments all organic gardeners should have on hand.


Organic Bat Guano (0-7-0), 5 lbs

High Phosphorus - undoubtedly one of the finest organic fruiting fertilizers available, our well aged Bat Guano 0-7-0 can be mixed in soil, applied as a side dressing or, for best results, used as a tea two weeks before the bloom period of your fruiting trees, flowering vines or budding plants.


Organic Blood Meal (12-0-0), 5 lbs

A high nitrogen source, our Blood Meal is guaranteed to promote rapid, green growth. A wonderful fertilizer for heavy feeders like corn, spinach, salad greens and garlic in the early spring, it also helps compost piles heat up and break down fast. Place some in mesh bags and hang from tree branches for an effective deer repellent in your garden.


Natural Rock Phosphate (0-3-0), 5 lbs

Soft rock phosphate, or colloidal phosphate, is a natural, untreated source of long-lasting phosphate and soil-building calcium. Phosphate will remain available across a wide pH range. For best availability, soft rock phosphate should be mixed into soil or compost prior to planting. A superb nutrient resource for all types of plants.


Epsom Salt, 1 Cup 

Promotes bloom in roses and other flowering plants. Absorbed through the roots and foliage of plant to help the plant produce chlorophyll.


Garden Lime, 5 lbs

Garden lime soil amendment is the finest grade of pelletized, dolomitic limestone available. Adjusts soil pH so plants can get the most from nutrients present. Fine pellets spread easily, react quickly and do not pose the hazards associated with hydrated lime.


Organic Azomite, 6 lbs

This amazing re-mineralizing agent contains over 70 beneficial elements. Azomite is a naturally mined volcanic mineral product that is proven to increase yield, quality and overall plant growth. This ultra-fine, odorless material contains a broad spectrum of metabolically active minerals and trace elements that enhance root growth, crop yield and soil health. Azomite, the A to Z of Minerals, Including Trace Elements, is an excellent way to re-mineralize your garden soil, compost or potting blends. Available in a micronized powder or an easy to handle granule. Derived from Natural Volcanic Ash.


Humic Acid Powder 300 gram

Humic Acid is an inexpensive plant and soil activator that increases cellular activities at all levels, increases availability of nutrients, converts raw organic matter faster and detoxifies plant cells. In the root system Humic Acid reduces the uptake of sodium, aluminum and other metals that negatively effect plants. Humic Acid will also buffer the soil with organic biopolymers, thus preventing tie up of nutrients and trace elements.

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Coco Husk Chips, 10 Liters

Measuring 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter when expanded, these coarse coconut husk chips create pockets within the potting mix that help keep the medium loose, promoting drainage and aeration vital to the health of orchids and tropical plants. The coconut husk wets easily, has a high water-holding capacity and releases water slowly. Do NOT USE Coco Coir, it is too small and will create a very wet soil that holds too much moisture.

GMPE-10GalBox - Growing Media, 10 gallon bag Coarse Perlite

Coarse Perlite 10 Liters (large bag)

Perlite is a volcanic glass that is heated to 1,600 degrees F. (871 C.) whereupon it pops much like popcorn and expands to 13 times its former size, resulting in an incredibly lightweight material. In fact, the end product weighs only 5 to 8 pounds per cubic foot. The super heated perlite is comprised of tiny air compartments. Under a microscope, perlite is revealed as being covered with many tiny cells that absorb moisture on the exterior of the particle, not inside, which makes it particularly useful in facilitating moisture to plant roots. 


Worm Castings, 30lb

Worm castings are surely Mother Nature's best kept growing secret. You need only use a small amount in or around your houseplants, vegetables and flowers. The miracles of the earthworm are easily seen in the beautiful growth and yields of your plants. The nutrients in our earthworm castings are plentiful. Most importantly, these nutrients are perfectly balanced in two forms. One form can be immediately absorbed by the plant as if it were directly injected and the other is able to provide nutrition which slowly feeds the plant for long periods of time. This soil builder is very cost effective because small amounts provide incredible results and last a long time.

EM-1 Microbial Inoculant (Effective Microorganisms) | Planet Natural

EM-1 Microbial Inoculant, Concentrate

 EM-1 is an organic liquid combination of yeasts, actinomycetes and two kinds of bacteria, photosynthetic and lactic, which improve seed germination, root development, nutrient absorption,  plant quality, size and color and soil fertility. We only use Teraganix brand as everything else we have found to be inferior. 

Instructions :

Mix the soil well ( We use a cement mixer as we are lazy)

Once mixed well add your water and EM-1 Mix (Mixed as per instructions on bottle) to moisten. Do not soak to near field capacity as that is too much

Cover and let soil cook for 6-10 weeks before use.

Get ready for the easiest grow of your life. Water only until harvest. 

One love and happy Growing. 


Created On Thursday, September 7, 2023 Posted By David Wiebe Comment Link
Thanks for such a detailed guide. I'm a Coco/salt grower myself but this is making me want to switch one tent over to a bed and try it out. Out of curiosity, are you reusing your soil and if so what are you reamending with?
Your plants look amazing, great work!

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